• GPA-based scholarships: for full-time college students, including working students.
  • Part-time scholarship: for part-time college students.
  • Graduate-level scholarships: for college students taking graduate level courses, including doctorates and master’s degrees.
  • Special Honors scholarships: competitive scholarships for high-achieving college students selected by our Board of Directors.
  • Middle & High School Programs: we assist with taking college courses in High School and offer grade 7-12 students Cash for Good Grades!
  • We offer scholarships for students pursuing a trade or seeking to further their career through training or certifications.
  • We provide support for community-based education and training in the Aleut region, such as HAZWOPER certification.
  • We offer internship opportunities to students as they become available.


  • Travel Program: we assist with traveling for educational or cultural activities.
  • Unangam Tunuu Scholarship: scholarships to take Aleut language classes.
  • Grants for Organizations: grants to support programs provided by schools and other organizations.